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Mas Martinet

About Mas Martinet

Mas Martinet is the dream, life passion, and the fruit of the labour of its founders, Montse Ovejero and Josep Lluís Pérez. Established in 1981, the winery tells the tale of generational change, persistence, transmission, and continuity. It is one of the most notable wine estates of Spain that fought and struggled immensely to defend the rights and fame of the infancy stage of the Priorat DO. It allowed the region and its wines to obtain the recognition and prestige it has and enjoys in recent times. In 1996, Josep Lluís Pérez handed over the rights of handling and overseeing Mas Martinet to Sara Pérez, his daughter. She worked tirelessly to build the winery to the state it is today. 

The wines produced by Mas Martinet express and deliver the geology, history, and characteristics of their terroir and terrain to their best extent and capacities. It is possible due to the method and practices that the winery applies and incorporates for grapevine plantation, grape harvesting, and winemaking. Additionally, the macroclimate of the vineyards creates a beneficial environment to grow the vines and mature the fruits. 

The soil of the vineyards owned by Mas Martinet is named licorella. It is a type that absorbs an excessive amount of heat, preventing the planted grapevines from overheating and getting damaged. Overall, the winery implements an organic and sustainable method of agriculture and viticulture. The workers in the vineyards ensure that they do not destroy the natural quality of the land or environment in any manner. They do so because they believe that the state and standard of the land determine the value of the produced wines. Mas Martinet is not wrong to think so because this belief has led them to become one of the very best in the wine industry of Spain.

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