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Till the year 2000, the people of China weren’t big wine drinkers. It was only after this period that the impact of globalisation was truly felt in China. The standard of people living here started to increase and they had enough money to spend on wines. In 2005, China’s wine scene changed so much that close to 90% wine produced in the country was consumed by the locals.  Today, you will find Chinese grape wines even in places such as California and Canada.

As per recent data, China ranks second only to Spain in the list of countries with the maximum vineyard area. French wines are very popular here and today, China has gone on to become the second biggest consumer market (first on the list is the USA) for still and sparkling wine in the market. 

Wine producing areas

The biggest wine producing regions in China are the Shandong Peninsula and Hebei Province. More than 50% of China’s wines are produced from these 2 regions.  You can see the red wine grape varietal of Cabernet Gernischt planted here in plenty. The climate is quite humid here, which favours the cultivation of full-bodied grapes here. It was in the Shandong Province that the first ever modern winery of China was established during 1892.

The Jilin Province, located in the northeastern part of China is famous for growing the native grape varietal of Amur, which is known for its high acidity.  Are you a lover of ice wine? You should quickly head to the Liaoning valley because you will get an idea of making ice wine from here.

If you are looking for international-class appellations, you have to head to the area at the backdrop of the majestic Helan Mountains.  These dry vineyards, located near the Yellow River, are known for crafting high-quality wines.

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