Bibi Graetz

Bibi Graetz

About Bibi Graetz

Bibi Graetz is one of the classic Italian wines to have been founded recently. This label was established in 2000 in a beautiful hilly region of Fiesole, located on top of Florence. Though he was born in a family of art lovers, Bibi was quite keen on winemaking right from a young age, and turned his passion into a profession in 2000, when he set up his own wine label.

Bibi’s parents had acquired a medieval castle, Castello di Vincigliata over 60 years ago. Bibi started making his wines from a small 5-acre vineyard in this castle. Though this label has only two decades of winemaking experience, it is currently one of the most loved and imaginative wines today in the country. Apart from being a great artist, Bibi now dons the role of “cult winemaker” quite easily.

Though he didn’t have any professional or formal training to make wines, Bibi has been relying on his intuitions and expert team to make some of the most scintillating Tuscan wines. When he created the Testamatta and Colore wines, he created a revolution in the Italian wine industry. During the 1990s, almost all leading wine publications spoke highly of Bibi Graetz wines, because of the brand’s unique approach to winemaking. 

The parcels, from where the reds and whites are selected, play a huge role in the complexity, depth and intensity of the wines produced under this label. Bibi chooses the reds from some of the oldest vines in Tuscany, while he chooses the whites from the old vines in Isola del Giglio. Sangiovese, Colorino and Canaiolo are the red varietals used, while indigenous whites, such as Ansonica and Vermentino, are used to create Bibi Graetz wines. Bibi’s passion for making wines from traditional varieties of reds and whites has led to the label producing some of the most distinctive wines of Tuscany.

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