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Christmas Mixed Case

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Apertiff - It is tradition in many households to start Christmas day with a glass of Champagne, Buck’s Fizz, Bellini or any sparkling wine to get into the Christmas spirit. This year we have gone for an English sparkling wine made in the traditional method using the main Champagne grape blend. This Ridgeview Bloomsbury NV is an ideal aperitif with fresh citrus and hints of melon and honey. This will also go nicely with a seafood starter or canapes. Pssst….this was the official wine served for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

Starter - Many of us will be reaching for a prawn cocktail, scallops, oysters, smoked salmon or other seafood based starters this Christmas. A chablis perfectly complements such dishes due to their oily and salty undertones. It will also go with creamy and buttery textures of faux gras and liver pates.  If you have any Chablis left, try to pair it with some soft goat’s cheese or brie. 

Main - Gamay is an underrated grape variety and is excellent quality and value for money. This is a very food friendly wine and will go well with any poultry, ham or a nut roast. Its fruit forward profile and low tannins will complement honey roast vegetables and cranberry sauce. The high acidity in this wine will assist in cleansing the palate from any mouth coating fats from the roast. Any leftover wine will also go nicely with brie cheese.

Dessert - This wine will pair beautifully with traditional Christmas fruit cake, dessert and blue cheese. 

Cheese Board - Will pair perfectly with stilton cheese. The sweetness of the port complements the saltiness of the cheese. Port is also magnificent with hard cheeses like mature cheddar. However, avoid pairing with soft cheeses like brie, use your leftover sparkling, Chablis and Brouilly for those!

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