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Though there are many types of wines in the world today, Italian wines belong to a different league of their own because they are authentic and belong to a rich tradition. The A Mano wines are a perfect example of one such historic Italian wine label, whose wines have a rich legacy to abide by.  Made from indigenous grapes grown on fertile vineyards, these hand-made wines are considered as one of the best in Italy today.

It was during 1998 that Mark and Elvezia visited the region of Puglia in Italy to take a look at the Primitivo vineyards – an ancient expanse of old vines. They fell in love with the place instantly and started using the native Apulian grapes for creating their wines, as a symbol of respect for the terroirs where the fruits were cultivated.

Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean Coast, Puglia is blessed with excellent natural resources and an 800-km coastline. This ancient place is replete with many anecdotes of history, art, tradition and culture, which reflect on the wines created here as well. 

A Mano Bianco, the only white wine created by this label, is quite unusual and one of its kind in the entire country of Italy. It is made from a blend of 90% Fiano Minutolo and 10% Greek varietals cultivated in areas such as Martina, Franca, Massafra and others in Puglia.

The A Mano Rosato is the only rose’ wine from this label and it is made from 100% Primitivo grapes. Some of the red wines by A Mano are:

  • Primitive Hand – 100% Primitivo Grapes; 14% alcohol
  • Handmade Negroamaro – 100% Negroamaro Grapes; 14% alcohol
  • Primitive Imprint – 100% Primitivo Withered Grapes; 14.5% alcohol
  • Imprint Susumaniello – 100% Susumaniello Grapes; 14% alcohol
  • Primitive First Hand – 100% Primitivo Grapes; 15% alcohol

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