About Aalto

Located in Spain’s premium winemaking region of Ribera del Duero, the Aalto Winery, is not just yet another wine label that you would come across in the country. It is a project that has come together, thanks to the passion and determination of many like-minded winemaking enthusiasts. Aalto was established in 1999, due to the efforts of Mariano Garcia and Javier Zaccagnini. This project aimed to make wines that were distinct and true representations of the rich terroirs of this place. 

In 2006, this project received a huge impetus when the experienced winemaking families of Masaveu and Nozaleda joined Aalto to lend intensity, complexity and balance to the wines crafted here. Until 2004, the production of Aalto wines took place in some rented locations in Roa, located in Burgos. However, post-2004, the project had grown big and popular enough to have its own winery. So, a new facility was set up in the 15-hectare plot, located in the Municipality of Quintanilla de Arriba.

State-of-the-art technology and excellent architecture were the key features of this new winery. The best part of this building is that it is designed in line with the natural elements of the environment. This beautiful winery's second and final phase was completed in 2016 to make it more socially viable than before. 

Aalto has 130 hectares of vineyards, located across the Ribera del Duero appellation, under its control.  The details of the vineyards are:

  • Quintanilla de Arriba – 800m tall vines; limestone soils
  • La Aguilera – 900m tall vines; calcareous soils
  • Fresnillo – 850m tall vines; sandstone soils
  • Valbuena de Duero – 750m tall vines; clay and alluvial soils
  • Moradillo – 950m tall vines; stony and fluvial soils
  • Banos de Valdearados – 900m tall vines; clayey and sandy soils
  • Pinel de Abajo – 800m tall vines; clay soils
  • La Horra Roa – 850m tall vines; clay and sandy soils

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