Achaval Ferrer

Achaval Ferrer

About Achaval Ferrer

They call themselves the “Guardians of Legacy”! Why not? This Argentinian wine label has been making rich and classy wines from 1910 onwards. Respect for the terroir and minimal intervention are the two main winemaking principles that have been followed in these vineyards for 111 years now. Established in the most premium winemaking region of Mendoza in Argentina, Achaval Ferrer has impressed wine lovers across the globe even today.

The three vineyards from where grapes are sourced for the brand’s labels are”

Finca Mirador

Located in the Medrano area of Mendoza, this vineyard was planted in 1921 at a height of 700m above sea level. This 4-hectare vineyard on the Tunuyan river bank, is dominated by alluvial soils. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted varietal here. However, there is also a small plot of Malbec varietal found on these vineyards.

Finca Bella Vista

Here, vines were planted in 1910 at a height of 990m above sea level. This vineyard, located on the banks of the Mendoza River in Medrano, covers an area of 7 hectares. It is mainly planted with Malbec varietals; however, you can also find small parcels of Syrah. One of the heart-warming sights of this vineyard is the presence of historical museums and monuments all along the 1 way. 

Finca Altamira

This 12-hectare vineyard is located in La Consulta in Valle de Uco in the Mendoza region. Here, vines were planted in 1950 at a height of about 1050m above sea level. The entire vineyard is planted with Malbec vines. This is an award-winning vineyard, as the limited-edition wine of Finca Altamira won five Decanter Stars. Thus, Achaval Ferrer became the first winery in Argentina to be given this award. While alluvial soils dominate this region, the volcanic sediments from the Tupuganto volcano also lend natural fertility to this region, making the wines intense and classy.

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