Agricola Brandini

Agricola Brandini

About Agricola Brandini

Agricola brandini is 24 years old. The company is devoted to organic production methods. The wines are produced following Langa traditions with the aim of transforming grapes by being attentive to the best technologies. 

One of the things that have made Agricola Brandini a force to reckon with is their attention and care for vines. The vines are cultivated to ensure that the best grapes are produced. Every land has its own expression and characteristics. Agricola brandini lies on 18 hectares between Monforte d’alba, serralunga d’alba, and la morra where different vines are grown. The Barolo is aged in big barrels. 

Agricola Brandini believes in talented, young, and capable people with achievable and clear goals. Since organic agriculture is embraced here, it means the soil is not altered and most of the choices are made based on the environment, the clients, and the workers. It is this dedication that has led to some great results and gives hope for a great future for the young winery. 

The company produces famous wines within the region and even though it is still young in the wine universe, it has already made a mark. There is one hectare of land that lies within Montelupo Albese municipality. This area enjoys south and south-westerly exposure. This area produces some of the best grape varieties. 

The best reds are produced in la Morra S. Anna, la Morra Brandini, la Morra Annunziata, and Serralunga Meriame. 

The new owners of the company made some changes. This included increasing the winery size and creating agritourism complete with a shop, restaurant, and accommodation facilities. The winery has modern equipment, although natural and traditional ways are used to vinify. Big barrels are used for affinage. The processes work well, and that is why the company has been receiving high ratings from Gambero Rosso. This is a top award in Italy.

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