Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

About Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

One of the most famous wine producers in Fleurie, Clos de La Roilette, possesses an eastern exposure, bordering the appellation of Moulin-à-Vent. The winery is highly renowned in France for its remarkable and delectable Gamay.

The history of Clos de La Roilette started in the 1920s when the Fleurie appellation started getting created. The landowner of that time got infuriated at losing the name of Moulin-à-Vent. The estate’s classification was previously under it. He made a label under the appellation of Clos de la Roilette as a means to retaliate. For that, he used a photograph of Roilette, his racehorse. He did not mention anything about Fleurie then. However, the owners became disinterested in Roilette by the middle of the 1960s. They allowed a significant portion of the plot of land to become wild through inadequate tending. 

Fernand Coudert purchased this poorly maintained and handled estate in 1967. He tidied up the land and replanted all the vineyards. In 1984, his son, Alain Coudert, joined him. He has been in the position of winemaker ever since. Alain took over the estate in 1991 as one of the most respected and consistent wine producers in Beaujolais. The Couderts worked on the terroirs and brought them to the state they are now in and their glory. 

The terroirs of Clos de La Roilette come blessed with highly fertile soil, composed primarily of and having high deposits of manganese and clay. They receive refreshing and beneficial wind currents and the perfect temperature range for the sufficient growth of the grapevines. The estate’s workers and staff follow a conventional and semi-carbonic style of the Beaujolais. 

The winery creates high-quality wines with means of prolonged ageing and superior-standard grapes. The drinks have a deep colour with a rich scent of perfume and a delectable mouthfeel. 

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