Albert de Conti

Albert de Conti

About Albert de Conti

The story and history of Albert de Conti started around the 1920s. It was when Vincenzo de Conti moved from Italy to begin a new chapter of his life in Southwestern France. Later, in 1963, Albert, Vincenzo’s youngest son, shifted to where his father was with his mother. They then settled down in Saint-Julien d’Eymet town.

Albert started the venture for Albert de Conti with his grapevine plantation in his residential town. Later, Francis, Albert’s son, took over the management and supervision of the vineyards. He got acquainted with the local cooperative and started producing wines there. In 1990, Luc, Francis’ cousin, joined him in his endeavour to establish and set up Château Tour des Gendres. Albert’s sons, Guillaume and Paul, joined him in 2011 and 2013. In addition, Yann Lecoindre became affiliated with the Conti family when he entered as the cellarmaster in 2017. The generation after Albert decided to work in the vineyards and breathe life into them. It led to the establishment of Albert de Conti, comprising the 25-hectare plot.

Albert de Conti is now an exceedingly reputed winery with high-acclaimed and well-liked wines. The winery’s products remain renowned among numerous people across the globe. The secret behind the high-quality drinks lies in the soil and climatic conditions of the vineyards owned by Albert de Conti. On top of that, the winery practices and implements organic and biodynamic methods of vinification and viticulture. In addition, Albert de Conti incorporates agroforestry methods for strengthening and restoring the natural balance and characteristics of the land.

All these techniques and practices allow Albert de Conti to produce superior wines having excellent acidity balance, personality, and elegance. The drinks possess and can deliver top-class aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and texture. It allows them to pair well with several cuisines on multiple occasions.

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