Alemany I Corrió

Alemany I Corrió

About Alemany I Corrió

A wine lover who wants to enjoy a sustainable environment should visit vineyards in Spain’s Penedès region. A very precise and natural regime for organic farming has created their production of the best quality vines that they get from a multi-century family farm. A tourist site you cannot miss if interested in your wines.

Alemany I Corrió is a product of the passion of the Alemany family in winemaking, which has been growing grapes since the 13th century. Brothers Josep and Toni Alemany found this winery in 1999, intending to introduce a new concept in Penedès wine production. Their goal was to manufacture premium wines with classic methods combined with advanced technology and a sound approach to agriculture.

This company, Alemany I Corrió, ensures sustainable utilisation of natural resources and preservation of the environment. Located on the slopes of the Garraf Massif, a natural park, this gives the winery's vineyards a micro-climate, which is favourable for producing the vines. Organic and biodynamic processes that do not include pesticides or herbicides as fertilisers have been adopted in growing vineyards.
Winery employs another clean energy source in the form of solar panels that supply the company with electricity for their facilities. Further, Alemany-I Corrió possesses a rainwater harvesting system which gathers water for irrigation and other purposes.

There is also Alemany I Corrió in Alt Penedès, a subzone of Penedès. Small vineyard plots cover different soils, providing various microclimates. It generates a lot of varieties, such as red, white and pink wines, that are an expression of terroir.

Alemany I Corrió Spain Winery is a prime example of how sustainable farming practices can produce high-quality wines. Whether you're a wine lover or just looking for an eco-friendly destination, Alemany I Corrió is worth visiting.

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