Alheit Vineyards

Alheit Vineyards

About Alheit Vineyards

The story and venture for Alheit Vineyards began with the endeavours of Chris Alheit and his wife, Suzaan Alheit. The two first met and came to know each other at Stellenbosch University. Soon, they developed a romantic relationship, travelled extensively across the globe, tied the knot in matrimony, and continued their trips. During their travels, they came across the winemaking process and art and soon shared a mutual passion for the craft. It led them to move to Hemelrand farm, close to the South African town of Hermanus, and establish Alheit Vineyards in 2010.

The goal and dream behind Alheit Vineyards’ establishment was nothing grand. The couple merely wished to make and develop wines that could express the identity and characteristics of Cape Town. Chris and Suzaan aimed to deliver the unique and vinous heritage of South Africa’s capital city through their wines. They wanted the world to know how precious and extraordinary it was in a way ordinary people would understand. On top of that, the couple loved farming and cultivating old vineyards and bush vines. It led them to combine their ideas and hobbies and set up Alheit Vineyards.

Alheit Vineyards believes that the beauty and quality of wines originate solely from their vineyards. It deems the drink could reveal its wonders once all lies and nonsense get removed. Thus, the winery farms and cultivates its parcels and terroirs carefully. It implements careful yet uncomplicated viticulture and vinification practices to ensure so. Hence, Alheit Vineyards exclude using enzymes, yeast, acidification, blocking malo, fining, new barrels, and sulphur incorporation before fermentation. In other words, the winery reduces and eliminates human manipulation in the winemaking process to its best possible capabilities. It, in turn, allows Alheit Vineyards to retain and express the natural qualities of its vineyards through its wines.

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