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About Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta Winery is the perfect blend of the talent of local grape-owners and the experience of expert winemakers. Wine importer Dave Gleave MW and an expert winemaker from New Zealand, Matt Thompson created the Alpha Zeta Winery in 1999. The wines produced here are from the indigenous grapes grown in the hilly vineyards found on the northeastern side of Verona in Italy.  Matt personally interacts with the farmers and is involved in the process of fruit-picking, so that the winery is always known for producing high-quality wines.

It is a guaranteed fact that the wines created in Alpha Zeta Winery are true representations of the character of the fruit and the soil.  The Verona hills, located along the Valpantena and Alpone Valleys, are quite ideal for the grapes, because of the climate is moderate here and the hills are quite close to Lake Garda, which makes the ambience cool enough for the grapes to ripen slowly and naturally.

Matt ensures that the grapes are sourced from the right sources to ensure the taste and quality of the wine that is produced here. The Pinot Grigio grapes, which are commonly used in the winery, are sourced from the hilly vineyards in Alpone valley. These grapes are planted on soil that has lots of granite and volcanic rock. Therefore, the wines made using these grapes have quite a steely taste.

Though Dave and Matt believe in making use of the expertise of the local farmers, they also believe in investing in modern equipment to improve the wine quality and standardise the wine-making process. The cellars of the winery contain must-chillers to ensure that the grapes are chilled well before they are introduced to fermentation. A low temperature is maintained throughout the fermentation process, so that the flavours, aroma and the character of the grapes are well-preserved.

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