Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios

About Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios started with a personal project of the highly-regarded Spanish oenologist of the same name to make a world-class and classic wine. Since its establishment in 1990, the winery has been at the forefront of Spain’s most notable and prestigious winemakers. 

Álvaro Palacios’ winemaking journey began during his years of working under his family business in Rioja. At that time, his family made and sold wine under the name or appellation of Palacios Remondo. Later on, Álvaro gained experience while employed at Petrus in Pomerol. After that, he purchased a vineyard in the Priorat region that was obscure during those years.  

In today’s time, Priorat is famous for the distinctive features of its terroirs and microclimate. The land comes blessed with adequately fertile and slightly acidic calcareous soil and those made of metamorphic rocks. In addition to that, the high mineral content makes the vines planted in the vineyards capable of assimilating and absorbing the required nutrients effortlessly. The area receives favourable breezes and winds of the sea that lengthen the berry ripening process. An amalgamation of these factors provides an elegant and delectable feel to the wines produced from the land’s vines. 

The estate belonging to Álvaro Palacios consists of 40 hectares of land dedicated to growing grapevines. All the communes are organic certified and follow a sustainable method or practice of viticulture. Alvaro believes that all wines represent the land of their origin. He follows the notion that the drink gets born from the vineyards essentially. That is why Álvaro Palacios’ wines give off the impression that they sprouted from the terroir. 

The wines produced and distributed by Álvaro Palacios can get characterised by their sophistication, power, and freshness. They have the ability and capability of conveying and delivering the entire essence of the Domaine of Priorat. 

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