About Amalaya

Amalaya wines are the Argentinian wines that belong to the Hess Family, which has been making wines since 1844.  It was founded by Donald Hess and today, the family has wineries in California and Argentina to become one of the premium family-owned names in the wine market of India. In the local dialect of Argentina, Amalaya means “hope for a miracle.”

The Amalaya winery was established in the Cafayate Valley in Argentina to create wines that spoke volumes about the rich terroir of that region. The vines are planted in high altitudes here, which lead to the fruits being ripe and full-bodied. The flagship red and white varietals cultivated in the Amalaya vineyards are Malbec and Torrontes respectively.

Bodegas Amalaya was established in the year 2010 by the Hess Family and it is currently also a member of the Bodegas Colome, a group which shows the commitment of the winegrowers in Argentina’s Calchaqui Valleys, found towards the northwestern part of Salta.

The grapes for creating Amalaya wines are sourced from two of the estate’s own vineyards – Finca Las Mercedes and Finca San Isidro. These two vineyards cover 107 hectares under vine. The group is planning for a huge expansion in the coming years, where 100 more hectares are expected to be added under its control. Apart from the flagship varietals that we mentioned in the previous section, some other varietals that you will find here are Tannat, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Bonarda and Cabernet Franc.

The Amalaya winery is a must-visit place because it is situated in a scenic location in Cafayate in Salta, at a height of 1800m above sea level. This is a modern winery, which has enough sophistication to produce close to 1,930,000 litres of wine. While the red wines are processed in concrete vats, the whites are processed in carefully-chosen stainless steel tanks at this winery.

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