André Perret

André Perret

About André Perret

The story of André Perret remains closely knit with the life of its owner, André Perret. André studied biology and graduated in the same field. However, throughout his education, his passion and love for growing grapevines did not leave him. This infatuation compelled him to return to his home village and 1982 and take over his father’s business. 

Gradually, André started to convert and introduce various new measures in the vineyards owned by his family. He acquired vines from multiple sources. In addition, he transformed arboricultural operations by renting vineyard lands and obtaining them. Since the beginning of his ventures, André aspired and aimed to preserve the natural elements and quality of the terroir. He worked uniquely and constructively. It ensured that the environmental aspects of the property did not get destroyed at all. He did so even if and when nature imposed multiple restrictions and constraints on his operations. 

The vineyards of André Perret remain located in the hillside of Verlieu in the Chavanay commune. The land stretches over a distance of approximately 13 hectares on the Rhône river’s right bank. It allows the region to experience several benefits when it comes to climatic conditions. It consists of optimal amounts of rainfall, sunshine, and wind currents. These elements nourish the terroir and aid in the vinification process. 

André Perret functions with its vineyards on steep slopes. They remain organised and arranged in terraces. The winery insists on avoiding and preventing the use and application of systematic and chemical treatments on the planted grapevines and the soil. Furthermore, it controls and regulates the overall yield of the matured grapes during the harvest season. Hence, the total number of produced wines are generally less in number. It gets done to meet the authenticity and quality requirements and expectations of the drinkers.

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