Andrea Felici

Andrea Felici

About Andrea Felici

Andrea Felici is found in Marche between Cupramontana and Apiro in Verdicchio. Andrea Felici lies on a hill which is on mount San Vicino 516m above sea level. The landscape here is wonderful with tilted slops and beautiful vines and woods. There are high peaks of mount catria towards the north and to the south Maiella and Gran Sasso. The climate in the area is mostly dry. The annual temperature range is mid-50s. There is a constant breeze all through the year. Further inland, the area has more limestone and there is less Adriatic Sea influence. There are drastic temperatures swings between night and day. 

Andrea Felici winery engages in organic viticulture. The grapes are manually harvested and the clusters placed in small boxes. The fermentation is done without any oxygen and it is temperature controlled. Almost half the harvest is allowed to ferment in its skins during alcoholic fermentation. The wine mellows and matures in stainless steel and cement vats. The process takes a much longer time than the minimum that is prescribed. 

Estate bottling at the winery began in 2003. The estate covers 15 ha and is run by Felici Leopardo who has a dedication and passion for Verdicchio. He also has a broad knowledge in wine. Before he took control of the estate back in 2007, his father requested that he gain more experience regarding wine. This prompted Leo to work at Gordon Ramsey savoy in London as sommelier. He also worked at Enoteca Pinchiorri Florence. 

Two wines are produced at the winery. The wines have a high purity because of the fruit as well as great minerality. The verdicchio grape is produced at the unique landscape. The vines receive utmost care and this has been the case for many generations. The main aim is to make wine that tells a story about the land and the determination s and passion in the estate.

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