Anthill Farms Winery

Anthill Farms Winery

About Anthill Farms Winery

Anthill Farms Winery was established in 2004 in California. A group of friends, working at Williams-Selyem, got together to form the Anthill Farms Winery in this region. They had enough winemaking experience and they had visited many wine-rich terroirs in California, Oregon and Virginia before zeroing on this particular location for their label. 

Currently, this wine estate makes eight Pinot Noir Wines (made from a single vineyard) and two appellation wines every year. This is a small and exclusive winery that doesn’t figure much in the news, but is known for making classy and highly-authentic Californian wines.

The vineyards from this label make its wines are:

Abbey Harris

Huge parcels of Pinot Noir can be found here. This is a 2-acre vineyard that sits at elevations of 900 to 1100 feet above sea level.

Baker Ranch

Located towards the deep side of Anderson Valley, this vineyard is known for its Pinot Noir vines.

Campbell Ranch

Located close to the Pacific Ocean in the small town of Annapolis, this vineyard has vines at 750 feet above sea level. It is known for growing Pinot Noir and Syrah varietals.

Comptche Ridge

Located above the remote town of Comptche, this vineyard is known for its Pinot Noir vines.

Harmony Lane

This vineyard is known for its unique Goldridge soil. The three-acres of this vineyard are filled with Pinot Noir Vines.


Located in western Sonoma County, this vineyard is known for its cool and marine air all through the year. Pinot Noir vines are found here.

Hawk Hill

Located above the Freestone town, this vineyard is located on a steep area and is blessed with a coastal climate ideal for growing Pinot Noir.

Anderson Valley

The diverse growing conditions in this vineyard, located in Northern California, help to grow balanced Pinot Noirs.

Sonoma Coast

Covering over half the area of the entire county, this vineyard is known for its cool, coastal climate. Naturally ripening Pinot Noirs grow here in plenty.

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