Antinori Fattoria Aldobrandesca

Antinori Fattoria Aldobrandesca

About Antinori Fattoria Aldobrandesca

The Fattoria Aldobrandesca, owned by the famous Antinori family, is located in Sovana, Tuscan Maremma's southern part, in the middle of what is known as the "Etruscan Tuff Zone." Fattoria Aldobrandesca is situated in a region of historical and viticultural importance. With both Etruscan and Roman pasts, the town of Sovanna came under the control of the Lombards, who allotted Savona to the Aldobrandeschi family. It is from the Aldobrandeschi family that the name Aldobrandesca is derived. Later, Pope Gregory VII favoured Sovana with privileges. Siena first got control of the city, and then Florence took over power. Then the town ended up in the hands of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The 100 hectares of the estate are located on the slopes of a spur of tuffaceous rocks found in Sovanna. The estate is surrounded by a natural landscape that is of archaeological importance. It lies on top of a flat terrain of volcanic origin with tuffaceous subsoil, and the elevation of the estate above sea level is 200 meters. The terroir is suited for the cultivation of Malbèc, a new grape variety in the wine-making sector of Italy, and Aleatico, which is the traditional grape variety of Sovana.

Fattoria Aldobrandesca is an important challenge for Marchese Antinori. It seeks to use the Fattoria Aldobrandesca to rediscover an ancient variety of grapes like the Aleatico and introduce a new type like Malbèc to express its potentials. 

The Antinori family brings six generations of experience in wine-making in Fattoria Aldobrandesca. Their stepping-foot into wine-making took place in 1385 when Giovanni di Piero Antinori became a Florence Winemakers' Guild member. The Antinori family has not given the business' reins to anyone and has made some bold and innovative decisions in wine-making while holding the highest respect for the environment. 

The wine-making business is currently run by Albiera Antinori, the President of Marchesi Antinori, along with her sisters Allegra and Alessia. Marchese Piero Antinori, their father, is the Honorary President of Marchesi Antinori. Marchesi Antinori's success as one of Italy's finest winemakers can be attributed to its tradition, passion and intuition.

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