Antinori Le Mortelle

Antinori Le Mortelle

About Antinori Le Mortelle

Le Mortelle is a part of one of Italy's most prestigious and historic wine families, Antinori. This family owns estates all over the country, and Le Mortello is situated in the heart of Maremma in the scenic city of Tuscany in Italy. This territory’s scenic beauty, geographical location, historical heritage and excellent climatic conditions have made this estate one of the best of the Antinori family. Located near the town of Castiglione Della Pescaia, this estate produces wines that are true representations of the culture of Italy.

The Antinori Family acquired this estate in 1999. From that time onwards, the winemaking team and the management have been working hard to make this place better by improving the soil quality and setting up a new winery here. The team behind acquiring this estate knew very well that the place had great potential to produce high-quality wines. The vineyards of this estate comprise an area of 270 hectares, out of which 170 are under vine. 

Cabernet Sauvignon  and Cabernet Franc are the two most planted red varietals on these 170 hectares. Recently, these vineyards witnessed plantation of white varietals such as Vermentino, Ansonica, Viognier and a small plot of Carmenere as well. Sandy and loamy soil filled with clay and silica deposits are found all over the vineyards. The winery is constructed on top of a hill to get a full view of the estate.

Sustainability is the key feature in building this winery. While natural materials are used for construction, the underground bedrock layer ensures that the winery is naturally temperature-controlled. It has three levels, constructed in a cylindrical structure. This ensures that natural gravity is used in all the steps of winemaking  - right from the stage where grapes are received till the time they are aged in underground cellars.

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