Antinori - Santa Cristina

Antinori - Santa Cristina

About Antinori - Santa Cristina

Located in the region and commune of Tuscan, Santa Cristina is a renowned winery in the town of Cortana in Italy. The wine estate remains owned by Marchesi Antinori, one of the most historic Italian wine companies. The story and history of Santa Cristina began in 2006 when the founders wished to renew and strengthen the craft and tradition of winemaking.

The winery belonging to Santa Cristina got established from Studio Hydea’s project in Florence. The structure offered a beneficial design, emphasising respect for the terroirs and territory while minimising environmental impact. It allowed the wine estate to get the best from the land and produce top-class wines, representing the region’s history and culture. The project from which Santa Cristina originated aimed to allow the planted grapes to get accompanied by their parcels throughout the processes of fermentation, bottling, ageing, and packaging. Today, the winery combines and implements ancient winemaking practices with modern technologies and ongoing research to excel in the wine industry.

Since its establishment, Santa Cristina has considered diligent care and management of the cellar and vineyards the highest priority. Besides that, the winery also performs extensive research and innovation with various international and indigenous grape varieties. It, in turn, has allowed Santa Cristina to produce wines renowned for their highly-distinguishable artisanal style, taste, personality, and flavour. On top of that, the winery’s products and drinks serve as a representation of their terroirs.

The excellent quality of Santa Cristina’s wines is also thanks to the superior vineyards in which the grapevines get planted. The parcels offer optimum sunlight exposure, wind currents, and rainfall. Additionally, the region’s soil composition, encompassing sedimentary, clay-based, and volcanic types, allows the vines to grow strong and bear sweet fruits. It enables the winery to produce wines that consumers can savour with various dishes.

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