Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

About Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

Established in 1999, Tenuta Montenisa is an exceedingly renowned winery located in the heart or middle of the territory of Franciacorta in Italy. The wine estate experiences the qualities and benefits of the region around the Borgo di Calino municipality. It, in turn, allows Tenuta Montenisa to produce wines of a superior standard.

The history of Tenuta Montenisa remains closely linked with that of the Maggi family. The wine estate had remained under the ownership of the historical family hailing from Brescia for a significant time. Some people consider the vineyards and plots owned by the winery to represent the existence of production and sale by Marchese Antinori. Today, Tenuta Montenisa remains renowned globally for its highly-acclaimed wines that numerous people across the globe enjoy on multiple occasions. The drinks pair well with several dishes and cuisines.
Tenuta Montenisa deals with and plants several grape varieties. They had gotten chosen carefully after much consideration of the area’s climatic and soil conditions. For that reason, the winery works with Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay. It allows the winery to produce wines with unique attributes and characteristics. For instance, the drinks Tenuta Montenisa develops using Chardonnay possess a rich aroma with fruity and floral notes. On the other hand, the drinks made using Pinot Blanc give off a mineral and zesty feel. Conversely, the wines produced from Pinot Noir grapes have and deliver an elegant personality and structure.

Tenuta Montenisa conducts careful and supervised cultivation practices in its vineyards. The workers ensure they do not affect the natural workings of the fields. Instead, they operate with respect for biodiversity and the environment. The parcels possess well-drained soil having a high content of minerals. It allows the planted grapevines to be of the highest quality with plump and sweet fruits as yield.

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