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Situated in the area or wine zone of Cachapoal Valley, Aristos is a reputed boutique project in the Rapel Valley region in Chile. The winery started as a venture of Francois Massoc, a renowned and award-winning Chilean winemaker, Louis-Michel Liger-Belair, a wine royalty from France, and Pedro Parra, a terroir expert from Chile. Aristos got established in 2003 due to the passion and dreams of the three people. Their aspirations regarding life, vineyards, and wine have brought the wine estate to where it is today. 

Aristos means “excellent” or “noble” and derives its name from an Ancient Greek word. The workers and staff at the winery strive to live up to the label and work hard to ensure that they produce nothing but the very best. For that reason, they focus primarily on the terroir. Aristos believes that extraordinary wines come from superior vineyards. Furthermore, they work with the notion that intense care for the plots would represent the quality of the produced drinks. Overall, the winery aims to make drinkable, terroir-driven, and delectable wines instead of merely tastable ones. In other words, its objective is to achieve the highest level when considering parameters such as acidity, freshness, colour, aroma, alcohol content, and so on.   

Initially, the three founders and owners of Aristos wished to plant Pinot Noir grape varieties and make wines from them. However, their endeavour did not succeed. It was because the massale material required to grow the particular grapevine category was of poor quality in Chile then. In addition, the three people did not possess intensive terroir knowledge as they had just started their venture into the winemaking industry. Thus, they changed their plans and went with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, etc. Today, Aristos produces some of the best wines using these grapevine varieties.

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