Arnaldo Caprai

Arnaldo Caprai

About Arnaldo Caprai

The story of Arnaldo Caprai began in 1971 when the winery’s founder of the same name decided to make his dream and goal of establishing and operating a wine farm come true. Arnaldo was a successful and renowned textile entrepreneur. However, he always remained interested in the art and craft of winemaking. It led him to purchase 45 hectares of land in Montefalco town, the land on which the winery stands today.

After the purchase, Arnaldo realised the plot and region’s worth. It made him ambitious to exploit and bring out the enormous potential of the terroirs. He planted specific grapevine varieties known as Sagrantino to prove the excellent quality and standard of the land.

In 1988, the management and ownership of the winery passed down to Arnaldo’s son, Marco Caprai. The latter implemented several beneficial techniques and practices into the wine estate’s various processes, increasing the fame and renown of the Arnaldo Caprai winery. Marco collaborated with research experts and professionals to improve the oenological and agronomical methods of the winery. From 1991 onwards, the Arnaldo Caprai winery began purchasing new vineyards and experimenting with them to determine the optimum parameters of viticulture, ageing, plantation, harvesting, and vinification. It allowed the wine estate to produce and sell wines of the highest quality with numerous elements and factors that appeal to consumers and drinkers all across the globe.

Since its establishment, Arnaldo Caprai has worked constantly and meticulously. Additionally, the winery has performed several experiments and research into various winemaking techniques and processes to optimise and improve the existing systems and methods. It continues to do so to this day. Nevertheless, the winery does not ignore the roots and traditions of its winemaking. It adheres to the cultures and arts left behind by the ancestors, incorporating a few modern touches.

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