Aurelio Settimo

Aurelio Settimo

About Aurelio Settimo

The story of Aurelio Settimo begins with that of the owner, Aurelio’s parents. In 1943, the couple shifted to and stayed in the Annunziata hamlet. They resided in a farmhouse built approximately in the late 19th century.  Aurelio’ parents practised techniques of mixed farming until 1962. They worked in the land and tended to the fruit trees and vineyards. In addition, they looked after various animals, including rabbits and hens. The grapes they harvested from the grapevines got sold to the renowned local wineries. The couple retained a small amount and portion of the yield to produce wines. They did so for use between family and friends. 

By the late 1950s, the Settimo Domenico label came up as Aurelio’s parents began to bottle using the name. After Domenico passed away in 1962, Aurelio changed his focus to specialize in vine-growing and winemaking. 

Aurelio gave up on the side businesses of animal breeding and mixed farming. Gradually, he expanded and extended the vineyards. It allowed for the introduction of the Aurelio Settimo label in 1962. The winery, achieved through numerous difficulties and challenges, depicted a new home for Aurelio.

The expansion of the vineyards continued till 1974. Until then, almost half of the harvested grapes of the estate continued to get sold to the notable local wineries. However, after the release of the 1974 vintage, all the harvest and productions remained in the winery. The grapes got vinified in the estate and stored in its cellars. 

Overall, the Settimo family has always maintained and sustained a traditional approach in the product line. After Aurelio passed away in 2007, Tiziana, his daughter, took over the management and operations of Aurelio Settimo. Nevertheless, the winery’s philosophy did not change. It continued to focus on all aspects of quality while retaining elements of tradition.

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