Axel Pauly

Axel Pauly

About Axel Pauly

If you love the intriguing taste of German wines, Axel Pauly is the brand that you have to opt for. Axel Pauly had a rich experience in making wines in many wine-rich countries such as New Zealand, California and parts of Germany, before he set up his own brand of wines in the Lieser Village, located in the Mosel Valley in Germany. 

Most of the vineyards from where grapes are sourced for creating these wines are located in Mosel Valley. A small portion of the vineyards is located in the neighbouring area of Bernkastel. The soils of the Lieser area are rich in slate content are cooler than the red-slate rich soils of Bernkastel. Therefore, the grapes sourced from this area have concentrated flavours and good mineral content. 

At the Axel Pauly estate, winemaking is a sustainable process. Only wild yeasts are used until the fermentation process is over. Right when the process is over, cultural yeasts are used to ensure that the grapes created here are perfect representations of their vine characteristics. The flagship grape varietal of this brand is the single vineyard Helden Riesling. It is a pure and elegant white wine with truly exotic flavours. Apart from this, the Pinot Blanc and Elbling varietals of grapes are also grown here.

Axel Pauly is one of the lesser explored wine names in Germany, but it is a favourite among the locals.  The efforts to convert the winemaking process to sustainable to organic have gone in vain because of the steepness of the vineyards. The vines are located at about 80 degrees in steepness. The climatic conditions in the Mosel Valley are quite cold and the place is known for its long growing season as well. The fruits grown here are very high in fruit and mineral content, as a result of which, they are low on alcohol content as well.

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