About Azelia

Azelia is a historical and family-run winery in Italy whose origins date to 1920. Established and located in the commune of Castiglione Falletto, almost in the middle of the Langa of Barolo, the wine estate has over 100 years of history in the winemaking industry. 

The story of Azelia began with Cavalier Lorenzo Scavino. In 1920, he started to vinify a portion of the grapes harvested in the vineyards owned by his family. He did so in a small and rural place in the Langhe region of the Castiglione Falletto commune. Later into the future, Alfonso, Lorenzo’s son, enthusiastically initiated a process. It was the bottling of the wines they produced. Additionally, the two very soon started to export the drinks. 

Lorenzo and Alfonso worked with exceptional willpower and perseverance. Their hard work, efforts, moral strength, and years of experience allowed them to create and develop something globally famous and extraordinary. In the later years, the family has dedicated their five generations to growing and perfecting all operations of Azelia. 

In recent times, Azelia owns and handles 16 hectares of land. They work with the average production and development of approximately 85,000 bottles of wine per year. The current owner of the winery is Luigi. He manages it with Lorella, his wife, and their son, Lorenzo. They signify the fifth generation of Azelia’s originators. 

Azelia ensures extreme care when managing their vineyards. The winery produces wines from the grapevines planted a long time ago. These plants yield a considerably lower number of grapes. However, Azelia prefers this. The low harvests allow them to have fruits of impeccable quality with a uniform and distinct ripening. They work the best in producing high-standard wines. For this very reason, the winery further reduces its yield rates and numbers via means of green harvest.

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