Badia a Coltibuono

Badia a Coltibuono

About Badia a Coltibuono

The story and history of Badia a Coltibuono remains closely linked with the Stucchi Prinetti family. The winery has remained under the ownership and supervision of the winery since 1846. The Stucchi Prinetti has contributed to Badia a Coltibuono for over six generations with immense respect and passion, increasing the winery’s legacy and fame. 
In 1846, Michele Giuntini purchased the land on which Badia a Coltibuono stands today. Under her guidance, the property kept flourishing until it went under the ownership of Maria Luisa Giuntini in the late 1930s. She transformed and managed the land significantly, increasing its value. In the late 1950s, Maria handed the estate over to Piero Stucchi Prinetti, her son. Since then, the property has remained with the Stucchi Prinetti family.

After receiving the property from his mother, Piero began vine-growing and wine-making on the land. He started bottling superior vintages from the Chianti Classico Riserva present on the estate. The wines soon became famous on international and domestic markets, raising the fame and name of Badia a Coltibuono. Today, Piero’s sons, Roberto and Paolo Stucchi Prinetti, own the winery. They operate and handle the wine estate while respecting and maintaining their family legacy and traditions. Nevertheless, they have also incorporated modern touches to optimise the wine-making process and develop excellent wines that can touch the heart and souls of numerous people.

Badia a Coltibuono pays careful attention to its terroirs and vineyards. The winery ensures that its grapevines get planted, groomed, cultivated, and harvested with utmost care. It does so because it believes that the land’s quality gets represented in the wine, giving the latter its excellent flavours. Thus, Badia a Coltibuono works and operates on the principles and morals of preservation, interaction, and respect. It allows the winery to produce wines having superior standards.

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