About Balnaves

More often than not, it is the small wine labels created by passionate families that earn a lot of popularity among wine lovers across the globe. This rule applies to the small wine company of Balnaves, a family-owned unit that is located in the wine-rich region of Coonawarra Rossa Strip of Australia. A very pleasing fact about this brand is that the family loves what it makes; therefore, every member takes a lot of pride and happiness in the final bottle that he creates.

The Balnaves family set up its wine company in 1974 though they have been working with the wine regions of Coonawarra from 1855 onwards. The wines are produced from the family-owned vineyards in this region. Therefore, they represent the different climatic conditions and terroir qualities along this strip. When the first vine plantings happened in 1974, the family-owned only 5 hectares.

Today, the quality of the vineyards has improved tremendously. The Balnaves family grows Cabernet Sauvignon on almost 70% of its vineyards. The remaining 30% is dedicated to growing other international varietals such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Shiraz. These five hectares of vineyards are neatly classified into separate plots based on their soil quality, age, ability to produce clones and the like.

The fruits produced on these plots are processed separately so that they reflect the richness of the land where they were grown. Also, the wines produced from these blocks every year are carefully analysed and the main features are noted down to study the relation between micro-climatic conditions and the final quality in the bottle. This is not something you would normally see in the other wine estates in Australia or anywhere in the world. Thanks to their focus on analytics and metrics, the vineyards are taken care of very well, which eventually has a positive impact on the Balnaves wines as well.

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