Band of Vintners

Band of Vintners

About Band of Vintners

Band of vintners is a group of friends who got inspired to create high-quality wine. The friends in Napa Valley have over 4 decades of diversified winemaking knowledge. When they joined hands, they came up with a label based on the fact that it is possible to create delicious high quality wine at very affordable prices. To make this dream conceivable, the group decided to pool their talents, resources, and relationships to access the best of Napa Valley regarding farmed fruit and all necessities needed in winemaking. The results are high-quality wines that signify the value of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at a price that most people can afford. 

The seven friends initiated the project, and it is now a huge success. One of the important things to note about the band of vintners is that the vineyard locations are kept a mystery, and the information is handled with great secrecy. The blackberries used are perfectly ripe. Because of the expertise the friends gave, the resulting outcome is bold, and the wine can be drunk as it is or in 4-7 years. 

The band of vintners started simply with friends meeting to taste wine together. The meetings were informal and done among friends who loved hanging out and trying out different wine varieties from the region out of fun. Together they could talk about vintage releases and learn along the way. This tasting group later grew and became a winemaking project. 

Every band member has a unique knowledge of wine from across the county. Stephane Vivier is a consultant in winemaking working for Vivier Wines. He also doubles as Hyde de Villaine winemaker. The second is Cameron Hobel. He owns Hobel Wines in the area. Brennan Anderson is a partner and VP of marketing at Folio Fine Wine Partners. As for Jason Heller, he acts as the Vintner and master Sommelier at scale wine group. He also has stints at Harlam Estates and Promontory. Barret Anderson is an associate winemaker with Jackson family wines. Mark Porembsiki is the owner and winemaker at Zeitgeist. He also works as a winemaker at Lost Cellars and Anomaly vineyards. Dan Petroski works at Larkmead Vineyards as a winemaker. 

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