About Banshee

The history and story of Banshee started when three friends hailing from the East and Midwest Coast of The United States of America came together to realise a common dream. The three shared an equal passion and love for wine and aspired to set up their distinct winery.

Thus, the friends pooled their money and borrowed some from their family and friends to bring about the initial traces of Banshee in the form of its wines. They sold the winery’s first vintage, the Pinot Noir wines, at a bar in the neighbourhood and locality of Dogpatch in San Francisco. They prepared and sold eight barrels of wine with grapes from the renowned Sonoma Coast. It resulted in their products getting sold out in a mere three months. Since the friends understood people’s love for superior wine, they wished to make top-class drinks but price them appropriately so that numerous people could afford and enjoy them.

With the fame of the initial Banshee wines, the winery shifted to the small yet bustling Healdsburg town in the heart and middle of Sonoma County. Here, the three friends realised that it is impossible to produce excellent wines without superior terroirs and vineyards. Thus, they developed intricate relationships with the region’s grapevine growers and parcel owners to acquire the best plots of land. It allowed the winery to get the Sullivan Vineyard, Thorn Ridge Vineyard, Middleridge Ranch Vineyard, and Rice-Spivak Vineyard.

Banshee aims to produce wines possessing superior balance, depth, and purity. The winery wishes to market drinks with intense deliciousness and complexity but at an affordable price. It gets aided in its purpose by the excellent vineyards it owns that provide optimum conditions of elevation, soil type, oceanic influence, rainfall, and sunlight exposure. They allow the harvested grapes to be of high quality.

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