Baron de Badassière

Baron de Badassière

About Baron de Badassière

We can’t blame you if you are quite particular about your wines. Wines produced in many countries have distinct flavours and characteristics to reflect their native terroirs. However, the wines created in France are unique from the rest. There is something about the soil, climate, vine-growing potential and terroir in France that make the wines created here world-class. The Baron de Badassiere wines, created in the Picpoul de Pinet area in Languedoc, towards the south of France, are no exception to this rule.

The grapes for these wines are sourced from the Badassiere vineyards located in the small, French town of Pomerois. An interesting piece of information about these vineyards is that they were owned by Baron Charles Emmanuel during the 18th century!  The coastal area in the south of France enjoys a windy climate most of the times. This, along with the warm summers, helps the grapes grown here to ripen naturally with all their flavours intact.

The Cave de Pomerois cooperative winery is the place where the Baron de Badassiere wines are created by expert winemaker and New Zealander, Graeme Paul. Paul, along with his consultant, Matt Thomson, ensure that the best quality of grapes grown in the surrounding vineyards of Etang de Thau and Pipcoul de Pinet are used for making the wines.

These wines are hand-picked and carefully sorted & checked by Paul and Thomson, before they are sent to the winery. This will ensure that only those grapes that are ready to be processed are sent for further processing. Though the best fruits have been selected to go into the winery, the process inside the winery needs to be monitored thoroughly to make the end-product of world standards.

The team at Baron de Badassiere is very particular about following the no-intervention policy while making wines. Not using any skin contact, not opting for malo-lactic fermentation and not using oak barrels are some of the organic principles followed here.

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