About Barros

Barros is a relatively new winery in the Douro region in Portugal. It was established at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1913. Irrespective of its modernity, the wine estate is one of the most respected and prestigious in the entire country. The wines produced and supplied by Barros serve as a celebration and representation of Portuguese talent. On top of that, they express the knowledge, passion, and experience of Portuguese winemakers since time immemorial. 

The venture for Barros started when Almeida em Comandita got created by Manoel de Almeida in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia in 1913. Now, the winery is one of the best-sellers of wines and its fortified counterparts across the entire globe. Barros procures its grapes from the blessed vineyards and fields of Quinta de São Luíz in the Douro region. The fruits get screened carefully to ensure that only the best get used in the winemaking process. It, in turn, helps the wines retain their high standard and top-notch flavour, aroma, and colour. 

Barros produces DOC Douro wines. They are considered the representative and expression of the entirety of the region. It can get owed to the wines’ soft, harmonious, and fresh elegance. On top of that, the drinks are highly sought after by numerous people. In addition, the wines can go well with most food items and products, making them suitable for a broad range of events and celebrations. 

Barros owns some of the oldest surviving and usable cellars in Porto. Some of the best wines come from there. The reason and secret behind the drinks’ high quality is the ageing time Barros assigns to each of them. It stands at a minimum of seven years. This approach allows the winery’s wines to develop and deliver a rich and intense taste.

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