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Bass Phillip

About Bass Phillip

Bass Phillip, founded in a corner in southeastern Australia, got established by Phillip Jones in 1979. Phillip started his venture by planting only 3 hectares of land with Cabernet Sauvignon. He intended to produce the wine in the unique style of Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou, a wine producer that he admired and respected. However, the winery was not successful in selling its first wine bottle until a particular time 12 years later. Later, the wine estate got named after two men of eminent foresight, leadership, and pioneering spirit, Arthur Phillip and George Bass.

The winemaking process at Bass Phillip revolves around the concept of a nature-driven and uncompromising attitude. The viticultural techniques practices in the parcels and vineyards owned by the winery have been catering towards organic methods since 1993. The biodynamic approach got added to the existing systems in 2002. The plots of land possess soils having a high content of beneficial minerals. Furthermore, the region provides favourable factors of low temperatures and high humidity. It enhances the growth and standard of the planted grapevines. Consequently, it imparts a sense of balance, complexity, elegance, natural minerality, and length to the wines.

Bass Phillip makes their wine traditionally and modestly. They utilize low yields from the vineyards to ensure the quality of each bottle. In addition, the winery implements a practice of minimal intervention in the fields and the cellar. It does so to preserve the natural aspect of the wines. For this very reason, Bass Phillip avoids pumping, irrigation, and filtration systems. It lowers the bruising effect on the grapevines significantly, protecting the texture of the grapes and the wines. Moreover, it bans the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and fining agents in its vineyards. It allows the produced drinks to express the untainted characteristics of their terroir and distinct vineyards.

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