About Berlucchi

The history and story of Berlucchi remain intricately linked with Franco Ziliani and Guido Berlucchi. The venture for the winery began in 1955 when Franco Ziliani, a young yet skilled enologist, decided to make a name for himself and set out to consult some of the most renowned wine producers and estates at that time. He presented the other parties with an intriguing question, asking them what would happen if they were to prepare and sell sparkling wines in a manner and way the French adopt.

In this search for the right partner, Franco came across Guido Berlucchi, an individual of noble descent. Franco’s question left the latter interested, who, in turn, asked Franco ways to improve and enhance his “Pinot de Castella.” The conversation between the two made Franco realise the potential of making sparkling wine using the traditional method and the Champagne style at Guido’s property and estate, owing to its ideal climate. On the other hand, Guido, who had been producing local wines from his vineyards, became intrigued and mesmerised by Franco’s goal and vision. It led to the cooperation and partnership between Franco Ziliani and Guido Berlucchi.

The partners bottled and released their first three thousand bottles of excellent Pinot di Franciacorta in 1961. The wine became famous almost instantly, increasing the name and reputation of the winery. After that, Franco and Guido developed numerous outstanding product ideas and sold them, taking Berlucchi to where it remains today.

The vineyards of Berlucchi remain in Franciacorta, a small yet superior wine region. The winery implements organic cultivation techniques and practices in its terroirs and parcels, allowing the land to express its natural attributes and characteristics. Berlucchi operates on the principles and philosophies of sustainability and quality. The superior standard wines produced by the winery prove this fact.

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