About Bernabeleva

Bernabeleva Winery, nestled in the heart of Spain's Sierra de Gredos, is a hidden gem that encapsulates the essence of Spanish winemaking heritage. Situated just 70 kilometers west of Madrid, this boutique winery combines a rich history, exceptional terroir, and a commitment to producing exquisite wines.

The winery's story dates back to the 1920s when the family acquired the estate and started cultivating vineyards. For decades, they were known for selling grapes to large cooperatives. However, in the early 2000s, the current generation of the family decided to establish their own brand and unleash the true potential of their vineyards. Thus, Bernabeleva Winery was born.

One of the most unique aspects of Bernabeleva Winery is its location. The Sierra de Gredos mountains, with their granite soils and old-vine Garnacha vineyards, contribute to the elegance and freshness found in their wines. This distinctive terroir, combined with the high altitude, cool climate and the meticulous work in the vineyard, allows the winery to produce wines with balance, complexity, and a genuine sense of place.

The winemaking philosophy at Bernabeleva Winery is firmly rooted in tradition, with a deep respect for the environment. The family practices organic viticulture, focusing on preserving the biodiversity of their vineyards. They believe that the best wines are born from a harmonious relationship between the grapevines and their natural surroundings.

The portfolio of Bernabeleva Winery consists mainly of single-vineyard wines made from the native grape varieties of Madrid's wine region. Their flagship wine, "Navaherreros", showcases the finesse and elegance of their old-vine Garnacha, while the white wine, "Carrera de los Santos", offers a delightful expression of the local Albillo grape.

A visit to Bernabeleva Winery is a true delight for wine enthusiasts. The family's passion and dedication shine through in every aspect of the experience. Visitors can wander through the vineyards, observe the hands-on viticultural practices, and indulge in the cellar's architectural charm.

In conclusion, Bernabeleva Winery is a true testament to the artistry and devotion that goes into producing exceptional Spanish wines. With its stunning location, commitment to organic farming, and a portfolio of remarkable wines, this hidden gem is undoubtedly worth discovering for anyone looking to explore the world of Spanish winemaking.

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