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Bird in Hand

About Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand Foundation is a winery established in 2014. In addition to its winemaking business, it works to deliver beneficial commodities to the community. It takes pride in the excellent support and initiatives it offers to help young creatives focus and achieve their dreams. The Foundation does so for any talent in the fields of education and art.

The vineyards of Bird in Hand lie in the central region of the country of Australia. They enjoy some of the most beneficial conditions required for growing vines and producing wines. The location experiences a cold climate, influenced by the seaside in the Gulf of St. Vincent. It gets complemented by the clouded environment of the Mount Lofty Ranges. This contrast creates a shift in the temperature that proves highly advantageous for the grapes. 

Nevertheless, the soil and climate are not the only factors that allow the grown grapevines, harvested grapes, and produced wines to be of such high quality. The actual and ultimate parameter is the amount of time and effort that the workers and staff of Bird in Hand put behind the vineyards. They harvest and produce in a manner that allows the produced wines to express and deliver the exceptional and unforgettable characteristics of the terroirs. 

Bird in Hand follows sustainable methods and practices of agriculture and winemaking. They minimise the usage and intervention of chemicals and synthetic products on the soil. All these allow the ripened and harvested grapes to become creamy, soft, and flavourful. The winery implements clone selection to bring out the distinct subtleness of the wines. 

Bird in Hand works with the belief that their wines represent and deliver a valuable globalist outlook and extract consistent excellence from the land. That is why they focus and direct their earnings to a more significant cause.

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