About Biscardo

The story and history of Biscardo began towards the late 1800s. The Biscardo remained a reputed name in the textile and wine industries during the 1800s. The latter started with the endeavour and venture of Francesco Biscardo. In 1840, Francesco began wine production in the basement of a coaching house he used for his guests. Later, Pietro Biscardo, with Terenzio, his son, took over the management and ownership of the family business in 1867. It started the wine legacy within the family.

Biscardo got established in 1878 by founder and owner Terenzio Biscardo. Terenzio used the knowledge, information, wisdom, and skills passed down by his father to set up the winery and operate it. He established the wine estate in the heart and middle of the Italian village and town of Bussolengo. It made Biscardo one of the first companies to produce and sell wine while getting managed by ‘Veronese’ traders. During Biscardo’s setup, the Biscardo family remained engaged and invested in several businesses. It included the coaching horse hotel continuing from Terenzio’s father’s time. The wine produced at Biscardo made its first appearance there, immediately capturing the hearts of numerous people. It allowed the winery’s products to gain notoriety and fame rapidly, growing to the point and stage we see today.

Biscardo operates on the principles of sustainability. The winery believes that the land’s natural qualities and characteristics are essential to make superior, world-class wines. Thus, the wine estate implements specific techniques and practices in the parcels that ensure that the terroirs’ ecosystems and natural happenings remain unaffected.

The vineyards owned and managed by Biscardo remain spread over Valpolicella’s Classico Area. The region lies at an elevation of 1800 feet and enjoys a beneficial microclimate. It allows the winery’s wines from this area to retain superior aroma and flavour.

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