Blackbird Vineyards

Blackbird Vineyards

About Blackbird Vineyards

Blackbird Vineyards is one of the most reputed and well-known wineries in The United States of America. The wine estate, established by Michael Polenske, initially or originally belonged to Trefethen Vineyards. However, in 2003, the current owner, Michael, purchased it and started his distinct winery, the one we know today.

With the purchase and ownership of the estate vineyard, Michael left his existing career in the finance sector and shifted his entire focus to the winemaking industry. He began with the creation and development of a unique wine label. Then, Michael set up a lifestyle brand. It is now known as the Bespoke Collection, of which Blackbird Vineyards is a part.

Located in the heart or middle of the district of Oak Knoll in Napa Valley’s southern part, Blackbird Vineyards emphasises the quality and standard of its wines. The wine estate believes that implementing and applying hands-on and intensive winemaking techniques and processes can help obtain world-class drinks. On top of that, the winery aims to achieve and deliver the best representation of the characteristics and attributes of the terroirs and parcels in Napa Valley. In a general sense, Blackbird Vineyards’ wines have superior taste, aroma, elegance, and mouthfeel. In addition, they possess a perfect balance between the acidity and tannins.

The expansive plot of approximately 10 acres belonging to Blackbird Vineyards originally served as a site for a walnut orchard. Now, the entire land, spanning over seven acres, remains dedicated to the plantation and harvest of a specific grape variety named Merlot which translates to “young blackbird.” Thus, the name goes well with the winery. It, in turn, provides the latter with added enthusiasm and zeal to produce superior wines. On top of that, Blackbird Vineyards develops its products with inspiration from the AOC and commune of Pomerol in France.

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