Bodega Colomé

Bodega Colomé

About Bodega Colomé

If you are looking for exclusive Argentinian wines with a rich history and tradition to boast of, the Bodega Colome brand is that you have to choose. Colome, a wine estate in the wine-rich Salta region of Argentina, is home to historic vines that were planted here during as early as 1854. The first Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon vines, which were brought from France, were planted in this estate during that time.

Today, the Hess Group owns the Bodega Colome wine brand, but not before the estate was exchanged to quite a few hands. It was only after the Hess Group took over that this brand started spreading its wings quite further and deeper than ever before.  During 1999, this group planted 30 hectares of Malbec vines at a height of 2600m. An additional 40 hectares of vines were planted in the coming years, making the cultivation area of the Bodegas Colome brand to stand at close to 70 hectares!

Apart from the soil quality and the climatic conditions, an important quality that is responsible for the quality of wines created here is the altitude of the vines. At such a height, the vines have the potential to ease out extreme climatic conditions. They are exposed to a large number of ultraviolet rays of the sun, which plays a huge role in the natural thickening of the skin of the grapes. This is why the fruits cultivated here have a good tannin finish and deep colour.

Malbec and Torrontes, fruits that are grown in high-altitude areas, are the main grape varietals cultivated here.  Torrente's grape varietal is quite unique because it is cultivated only in Argentina. With these two exceptionally full-bodied and flavourful fruits, the Bodega Colome brand has done a remarkable job in making the world sit up and take notice of the unique Argentinian wines.

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