Bodega Maetierra Dominum

Bodega Maetierra Dominum

About Bodega Maetierra Dominum

Vintae group owns Bodega Maetierra Dominum. Vintae group specialises in the production of Riojas using the modern style. The Enterprise is dynamic, young and innovative. Jose Miguel Arambarri Terrero heads the enterprise. He is a wine entrepreneur among the country's top leading. He works with Jose and Ricardo Miguel, his sons. Maetierra Dominum has revolutionised the Vino de Pago concept or estate wines. The winery uses grapes from four vineyards in 4 zones in La Rioja zones. Every zone has its uniqueness and characteristics dictated by the grape variety, climate, and soil combination. Gavannza is blended by Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinto, and Graciano. The wines are matured in new oak barrels before they are released. 

The origin of the vintae group was La Rioja. However, because of Jose's passion, more vineyards have been added. Jose decided to go back to his origins in 1999. At this time, he recovered small grain muscat in the area. This had disappeared because of phylloxera. Because of his vision, he established Maetierra Dominum and Castillo de Maetierra. From the 2 wineries, Vintae was born. Libalis was elaborated here as well. Together with his two sons, Vintae has grown bigger by the day, and this has made its name over the years. Vintae group created the Hacienda Lopez de Haro wine collection in 2003, and from 2004, more vineyards on Ribebrua del Queiles, Navarra, and Ribera del Duero. Bodega classical was built in 2006 in San Vicente de la Sonsioerra. Toro was another area they started elaborating that year. More collections were introduced. 

Vintae Group has a history of 20 years, and because of the creativity introduced and the passion for wine exploration and creation, things haven't slowed down. Today, there are over 300 hectares covered in vineyards where thirty-eight varietals are cultivated. The grapes here give over 35 wines distributed to different parts of the world. Jose Miguel is a great wine lover with a white wine speciality. Together with the team he has in place, different challenges have been faced and conquered and driven Vintae to success.

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