Bodegas Amaren

Bodegas Amaren

About Bodegas Amaren

The history and origin of Bodegas Amaren remain intricately linked with Ángeles. The winery got established and set up in her honour in 2016. Ángeles was the wife of the wine estate’s founder, Luis Cañas, and the mother of the owner of Bodegas Luis Cañas located in the comarcas of Rioja Alavesa, Juan Luis.

The venture and endeavour for Bodegas Amaren started in 1995 when Juan Luis Cañas initiated the planning stages to produce several different and diverse types of wines. He wished to make drinks that expressed and delivered the personalities and characteristics of the distinct grapevine varieties to their fullest potential. During this time, Ángeles, his mother, passed away. It led him to create a new fragrance named Amaren Reserva Tempranillo 1995 to honour his deceased mother. In addition, Juan and his father, Luis, set up Bodegas Amaren. “Amaren” is of Basque origin and translates to “of the mother.” The father and son duo wished to pay their respects to Ángeles through the winery and thank her for their efforts and love. Since its establishment, Juan has worked tirelessly to build the fame and reputation of Bodegas Amaren.

Located in the municipality and town of Samaniego, Bodegas Amaren expands and extends over 65 hectares of land. The winery owns vineyards between the ages of 35 to 110 years old. The soil of the terroirs and parcels is of a calcareous clay type. It allows the grapevines to grow strong and healthy. On top of that, the unique microclimate and weather of the region promote vine development.

Bodegas Amaren believes in maintaining the natural qualities and characteristics of the land. Thus, almost all work in the vineyards gets done by hand. It allows the winery to nurture the vineyards in the best possible way, enabling it to obtain excellent-quality fruits.

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