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Bodegas Artuke

About Bodegas Artuke

Arturo and kike were used to form the acronym Artuke. This is the DE Miguel Blanco family winery. Arturo and kike and the 5th generation of this wine growing family in la rioja Alaves Spain. The two are brothers and their father, Roberto de Miguel, decided to create vintage wine in 1991 to get more from his vineyards. 

Presently, bodegas artuke has 26 hectares covered in vineyards while 15 are rented to help create the best wines in la rioja alavesa. Within a very short time, bodegas artuke has established themselves well and have now become a regional benchmark because of the high-quality wine that they produce and how they extract the land character and introduce it to the wine. 

Rioja is one of the regions in Spain that is very famous for wine production. For very long, wineries have been here and there are vineyards and villages that are well valued for this specifically. There have been bigger names in the area and Rioja has a traditional system used for age classification. 

Bodegas artuke’s success can be attributed to rioja n roll. This is an association of some of the young and brightest winemaking talents in the area established in 2016. The main vision was to showcase the artistina Spanish side in the wine region. This collaborative energy has led to great results because they share tastes and swap notes. It is in this way that the traditions of rioja and the land can be understood. 

In the beginning, Roberto would sell wines in bulk and would then travel across Rioja selling by hand. Bodegas artuke is full of tradition. It is situated in Banos de Ebro which is a village in Rioja, and it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that is influenced by the Atlantic, the history in wine making spans over 100 years. Even though Roberto stopped selling in bulk in 1991. 

For over thirty years now, artuke has been in operation and has taken a firm stand in the market. The reason why the company has made a difference is the fact that they focus on the land instead of the brand. The wins have received high acclaim in the region today. 

Viticulture is something that the brothers commit to, and they enjoy success by combining the philosophy of the past with today’s understanding in the management of vineyards. None of the vineyards have trellis but instead, bush vines are supreme. A lot of research has been put to the soil. They use organic and biodynamic practices.

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