Bodegas Gallegas

Bodegas Gallegas

About Bodegas Gallegas

Bodegas Gallegas, located in the Denominación de Origen (DO) of Rias Baixas in the Galicia region of Spain, is a group of five distinct and individual wineries. Each of them produces superior quality wines and possesses its specific specialities and characteristics. They remain at Rectoral de Umia, Arnoya, Rectoral de Amandi, Melenium, and Alanis. 

Bodegas Gallegas began around 50 years back as a personal and ambitious project of winemaker Manolo Arnoya. He wished to produce delectable and mouth-watering wines that could teach people about the taste and attractiveness of the drinks. Gradually, he put in immense effort to create a significant and notable business group or organisation within the wine industry, growing it from its humble background. We know of it today as Bodegas Gallegas. Manolo Arnoya initially incorporated family traditions and characters in the workings of the winery to preserve them for future generations. Hence, delicate processing techniques and methods became the underlying essence and core of Bodegas Gallegas. It is also the determining factor that allows people to tell apart from the winery’s wines and those produced by other wine estates. 

Bodegas Gallegas takes immense care of its 300-hectare vineyards. In addition, the winery plants and harvests several varieties of grapevines. It includes Treixadura, Albariño, Godello, and Mencia. The staff look after the plants with dedication and care, ensuring they grow strong and healthy. Only the best fruits get selected to preserve the quality of the wines at the harvest time and season. 

On top of that, Bodegas Gallegas prefers using natural and sustainable methods to grow the grapevines. The workers look out for factors that can destroy the plants and implement suitable solutions that do not harm the vineyards in any way or manner. Also, the winery employs modern oenology and viticulture techniques to create high-class wines.

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