Bodegas Godeval

Bodegas Godeval

About Bodegas Godeval

Godeval is a Spanish wine estate that was established in 1986 to bring out the best of the white grape varietal, Godello, which grew on the Valdeorras appellations. Since then, the company has been maintaining the same quality and structure of its flagship varietal. The vineyards are located in the historical region of Xagoaza. During the 1970s, this region saw a high level of revival process, where the Godello varietal was given the prime importance.

To recover the Godello varietal and to spread information to the external world about the same were the main objectives of this revival project. As part of this project, the historic monastery of Xagoaza was renovated to set up the Godeval Winery here. In 2009, the Godeval group set up a modern winery, equipped with sophisticated facilities to produce close to 150,000 litres of authentic and unique Spanish wine every year.

The Godello grapes for these wines are grown on 21 hectares of vineyards that the owners control in the Xagoaza region. The steep region of the vineyards and the south-facing direction of the vines help to give a long-lasting maturity to the wines produced here. The plots of Liebres and Pancho were the earliest ones to grow unique Godella grapes with rich flavours and aroma.

If you are interested in wine tourism, you can book for the Vibe Godeval package well in advance. Here, you can take a detailed walk on the winery & vineyards to understand its history and appreciate the special monovarietal, Godello, grown here. An interesting part of this tour is that you will get to visit the underground cellar at Cova dos Monxes, which is quite close to the new cellar. With its 300-old history, the cave, where the cellar is located and the monastery are a sight to behold, indeed!

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