Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

About Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas aims to transform the world's fruits into the best possible wine through the Viña Pedrosa. The story of Viña Pedrosa goes back to Mauro Pérez. He left his family the vineyards on which the winery is located, in Pedrosa de Duoro in the Burgos province of Spain. Backed by the vineyard, the Pérez Pascuas siblings established the winery to keep winemaking alive and make top quality wines. Viña Pedrosa is now a world-famous venture involving two generations of wine connoisseurs.

Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas believes in high-quality winemaking while protecting the environment. The 120 hectares of vineyards for Tinto Fino wines combines tradition with respect for nature. Top-quality grapes are produced in the region due to the extreme elevation, the shallow and limestone-rich soils, low rainfall and the extensive diurnal temperature range prevalent during the grape ripening season. The age of the plants and the work that goes into the vineyards give rise to small grape productions. 

The vineyards are driven by purity and authenticity. Every step is carefully carried out to bring out the quality of the land, the grapes and the harvest. The wines are aged French and American oak barrels, which give the wines their character and personality. The combination of the wine-growing tradition with modern innovation strikes the proper harmony with the making and ageing of the wines. Due to the large size of the vineyards, it is one of the few self-sufficient wineries in the Ribera del Duoro DO, producing about 600,000 bottles of top quality annually.

Nature is the central principle of winemaking at Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas, and environmentally sustainable principles drive its workings. The vineyard has old vines of the Tinto Fino varieties of grapes, which consumes less water, allowing for water optimisation. Only natural fertilisers are used, and a tree-planting project has been set up.

The winery uses renewable energy in all its processes. Recycling and saving and treating water are critical in every process, and Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas has managed to cut down on waste production with these steps. 

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