Bodegas Luis Cañas

Bodegas Luis Cañas

About Bodegas Luis Cañas

Located in the heart of Rioja Alavesa, Spain, Bodegas Luis Cañas has built a reputation for crafting wines in the region. With a heritage that dates back generations, Juan Luis Cañas now leads the winery as its fifth-generation proprietor. Bodegas Luis Cañas is also highly regarded for its commitment to employing friendly and sustainable practices in its wine production.

Bodegas Luis Cañas had a philosophy of protecting nature and used methods during wine­making that maintained this value. The vineyard employed renewable energy like solar panels to lighten their footprint. They focused on natural solutions like balanced fertilizers and pest management to lessen chemical effects.

Covering over 350 acres in the Rioja Alavesa region, the vineyards of Bodegas Luis Cañas span a varied landscape. Some vineyards nestle in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria mountains while others grace the banks of the winding Ebro River Valley below. Within these diverse plots of land, the vineyards possess unique terroirs that allow the winemakers at Bodegas Luis Cañas to craft an array of wines. Each fluid expresses the characteristics of its birthplace through distinctive flavours and captivating scents on the nose. Though terrain differs, the passionate vintners utilise their environment to its fullest potential, drawing forth complexities from the very soils.

For generations, the Cañas family has been deeply connected to the winemaking traditions of the Rioja Alavesa region. Their expertise and knowledge have been passed down through the ages, shaping their journey. 1928, Luis Cañas, the owner’s grandfather, established Bodegas Luis Cañas. Since then, this prestigious winery has consistently produced wines that beautifully showcase the essence of this region.

Bodegas Luis Cañas stands as a testament to both history and sustainable practices. With a commitment to eco approaches and diverse vineyards, it proudly distinguishes itself from other wineries in Rioja Alavesa. If you are searching for wines that offer quality and boast distinctive flavours and captivating aromas, visiting Bodegas Luis Cañas is an absolute must.

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