Bodegas Navajas

Bodegas Navajas

About Bodegas Navajas

Located right in the heart of DOC Rioja in Spain, the Bodegas Navajas is a family winery that was established during 1918. The wines produced here are utmost class and elegance because a lot of attention goes in maintaining the quality of the vineyards and analysing the terroir and soil quality in each of the vineyards.

Currently, this family-owned winery owns 150 hectares of vineyards by getting into a deal with the small vine growers in the regions of Rioja Alta and Baja. You have to visit this winery to understand the modern facilities and state-of-the-art technological sophistication found here. During the year 2000, the family invested heavily in this winery to increase the storage capacity and winemaking potential of the label.

The winemaking process is a perfect blend of modern and traditional techniques. Only those grapes that have matured well are taken to the winery for processing to ensure that the wines that are crafted here reflect the true flavour and character of the soil where they are grown. 

The fruits are manually picked after harvest and they are carefully destemmed before they are sent for processing. Huge stainless steel vats that have temperature-control settings are used for fermenting these crushed grapes. The fermentation process is carried out in such a way that the wine absorbs the maximum possible flavours from its skin.

Oak barrels are used for ageing the wines after all the processes are over. Currently, the cellar is big enough to accommodate close to 10000 barrels and 200000 bottles. French, Romanian and American oak barrels are used by this label to age the wines for at least 12 months (especially the Crianza varieties) and about 3 years for the Reserva and Gran Reserva type of wines.

If you are interested in more about the wines and the type of vines cultivated here, you can book for a wine tourism tour.

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