Bodegas Palacios Remondo

Bodegas Palacios Remondo

About Bodegas Palacios Remondo

Bodegas Palacios Remondo, has a history spanning 350 years. Álvaro Palacio, the winemaker, has become very popular and is now regarded as one of the best winemakers in Spain. Álvaro returned to bodegas palacios remondo in 1999 which happens to be one of the biggest decisions he made. The winery is situated in Rioja Baja. Before returning to the family winery, he was based in Priorat, where his reputation grew, and he returned to his home to handle the family winery business. 

Originally, the winery was established in 1948. After Alvaro took over the winery, he turned things around. It is under his watch that the winery started making the region's best wines. The wine was considered unconventional at that time because traditional methods were not used. Álvaro studied oenology and got professional experience in California, Dublin, London, and Chateau Petrus. Álvaro has vines in Bierzo, Priorat county, and Rioja, his home. His talent is extraordinary, evident in the production of premium wines every year. 

He studied oenology at Bordeaux when he was 21 years. After, he worked for 2 years at Chateau Petrus before returning home to his father who had built a bodega that followed traditions from 1651. After returning home, he felt constricted and went to the abandoned Priorat in 1989. Thus is where his success began. By 2000 he had already made a good reputation and was recognised as a winegrower. He returned home at this time when his father died. 

Álvaro has been named decanter of the year. The vineyards are organically grown on the high altitude Rioja oriental slopes. This is the warmest area and the most eastern. Most winemakers in Rioja rely on tempranillo. However, Álvaro is a believer in Garnacha and considers it as the foundation. The grape variety is suitable for alluvial and silty soils. The Mediterranean climate favours it as well. While he has tempranillo in some vineyards, they are being phased out gradually. The grapes are hand harvested and are organically certified. The wines are also unfiltered. Winemaking is based on natural practices, which makes them stand out. 

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