Bodegas Urbina

Bodegas Urbina

About Bodegas Urbina

The winemaking tradition at Bodegas Urbina dates back to as early as 1870. It is a family-owned wine estate that has been very particular about growing exceptional quality of grapes for more than a century now. The grapes for the Bodegas Urbina wine brand are cultivated on the vineyards of Cuzcurrita del Rio’ Tiron, located towards the northwestern part of DOC Rioja in Spain. The Rioja Alta region of Spain, where these vineyards are located, is known to cultivate grapes known for their distinct flavour and character.

With over 75 hectares of vineyards under their ownership, the Urbina family is known to produce wines that are intense and quite long-lasting as well.  The Urbina family focuses mostly on red wine production, though white wine is also produced in small numbers in the winery here. Close to 400000 bottles of the red variety (Red Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva) and about 50000 bottles of the White and Rose varieties are produced here.

High-density planting techniques and traditional harvesting methods are a few major reasons for the natural colour and character that the fruits grown here are known for. The viticulture experts at the Bodegas Urbina vineyards are very particular about using organic fertilizers to get rid of pests and weeds. The soil quality is not disturbed at all throughout the harvesting process, which explains the intense flavour and aroma of the fruits.

Once the grapes are hand-crushed gently, they are fermented using natural and indigenous yeasts to give a distinct character to the wines. The growth of the vines is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the yield doesn’t cross 4500kgrs per hectare at any point of time. This low-yield monitoring system also helps the vines to absorb the natural climatic conditions well to produce good quality of fruits.

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